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Welcome to Elev8tus. I don’t think it is totally random that you found me on your journey to find answers. You’re probably here because there’s a nagging, annoying pain that just won’t go away. Not only does it remind you every time you move but it also restricts you from the life you are supposed to live. It seems your life is full of compromise these days. Not able to finish the home projects, don’t lift so much weight at the gym, choose between playing sports with friends or being able to work on Monday. But the worst part is what it’s doing to your quality family time. Playing catch, going swimming, even a bike ride with your kids is always accompanied with that nagging restriction and pain. Well it doesn’t have to be this way and it’s not because you are getting older.

There’s a natural solution and non-invasive approach to fixing your muscular pain. I specialize in shoulder rehab that treats the cause of pain, immobility, restriction, imbalance, and muscular weakness. My unique protocol uses massage, bodywork, education, and environmental/lifestyle triggers that are affecting your pain free life. All you need to do is call and schedule your free 30 min assessment. Don’t let pain stop you from experiencing the joys of your family, restrict your productivity, or stop you from being active. This isn’t a normal part of aging. Make an appointment and take the first step to a healthy lifestyle. Because without your health what do you really have? 

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About the Company

At Elev8tus we believe in a holistic approach to finding wellness and connecting to a healthy lifestyle. Currently we offer massage services, and education for living healthy and balanced. Our mission is to empower, enhance, uplift, and connect that is why we are ever evolving and learning to better serve our clients. 

about company

Benefits you can Feel

Working with Hannah

First I would like to thank you for taking an active stance in your own health. Only you have the power and control to make yourself well. That’s not something we hear every day is it? No one can cure or heal the body only your body can heal itself if given the correct tools and guidance. You are your number one health advocate. I am just a guide who can support you and help you on this journey. This wellness journey is a lifelong pursuit and a lifestyle. 

The Program Solution

What is different about my solution approach is my personalization philosophy.  I believe that listening to you is so important because this is your time, your health, and your treatment. This program is tailored to you from three aspects, your goals, your needs, and objective findings.  I am going to look at you and your goals in a holistic way. This is about education, empowerment and responsibility to move forward into a wellness lifestyle.

Back pain to empowerment

Have you ever felt completely defeated or perplexed at how your body was functioning or lacked the function it once had? I know how you feel. For years I struggled with low back pain and feeling like my body just couldn't get it together and function properly. Some days it felt like I was fighting my body. The frustration, emotional toll it took on me and the draining effect it had on my energy left me feeling older than I was.

8 Principles

Responsibility.  Accepting responsibility for one’s own health. That means taking credit for all of your successes and failures; accepting the consequences of your own actions. Be willing to put in the work for optimal health.

Education. Never stop learning and seeking out the truth. Have an open mind before judging new ideas that challenge your current beliefs.

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