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What does success mean to you?

What does success mean to you?

  • Hannah Goette
  • Blog
  • Dec 27, 2017

It’s hard to believe that 2017 is coming to a close. I hope it was a great year for you. I suggest sitting quietly and reflecting on this past year. Did you achieve a goal that you set for yourself? Did you reach a milestone? Were there unexpected personal or professional achievements? Whatever you accomplished this year, acknowledge it.

Success looks different for each person. I had to really look closely at what my definition of success is. For so many years I thought success meant making more money than the previous year. My reward for accomplishment always had a monetary value attached to it.

Don’t get me wrong I still acknowledged other outcomes that are harder to measure by numbers, like learning a new skill, or changing my diet, becoming healthier, or a better speaker. But the really big thought that seemed to influence everything, was how much money I was making. Yes, money is important in our daily lives but that started to take over all of my thoughts about success. I really put myself down if money wasn’t flowing in like I thought it should be.

I felt a lot of shame when I didn’t live up to my expectations, and didn’t feel successful at all. But something shifted in the way I approached myself.  I began trusting my intuition and focusing on the things in my business and in my life that felt fun and light. I learned to work at my own pace, not where I thought I was supposed to be based on assumptions I had for success. I stopped thinking of myself as always being one step behind. These false beliefs were no longer were crippling me from moving forward. Everything became lighter.

What I’m trying to say is my biggest success this past year is reconnecting to the spirit of who I am and understanding myself on a deeper level than before.  Knowing myself in this way permeates all aspects of my life, personal and professional. So every accomplishment I make in my life all stems from understanding me, everything else really is just side effects of a deeper sense of knowing. Of course this is a process, there is more to learn, and I welcome the transformation.

I love this quote by American tennis player, Arthur Ashe:

“Success is a journey, not a destination. The doing is often more important than the outcome.”

So often we think success is achieving a goal, but staying on the journey, doing the work and reaching the milestones are all part of being successful. We learn much more from the journey rather than just focusing on the outcome. This is what I've decided to do, be present for the journey and work through the challenges that come up. I hope you can see and celebrate your successes this year.

May the journey ahead bring you insight, wisdom, and transformation.

Happy 2018!