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Thriving vs Surviving

Thriving vs Surviving

  • Hannah Goette
  • Blog
  • Feb 04, 2019
What you focus on expands. In this episode of the Inner Health Project, we talk about how to move from surviving to thriving in work and life.
Signs you're just surviving:
Low energy physically, mentally, and emotionally
You aren't excited or on fire about what you are doing, maybe it feels draining. Maybe you are going through out the day wishing you were somewhere else or just trying to get to the weekend.
Are you mindful about what you are doing or more like a zombie. For example are you intentional about what you are eating or just grabbing something quick. Are you stressed out in certain areas of your life?
How to thrive?
1. stop, slow down, observe. Look inward and feel any tension in the body. Do images or thoughts pop up? Explore them but don't judge. Discover whats going on in your life and try to see the bigger picture, How is it all connected and related to how you feel right now?
2. Imagine how you want to feel or want things to be and see yourself thriving in whatever aspect of your life you feel is lacking. Tell yourself how you want your life to be, don't judge or put down your ideas: let yourself dream big. Put "reality" aside. Write it down, speak it out, create a vision board, be creative and have fun.
3. Commit to doing 1 thing that will take you from surviving to thriving. For 3 weeks be consistent about it. For example you could take more time for relationships, or stop eating processed sugar. Be more mindful in all aspects of you life
4. Accountability. Do this with a friend or have someone who can hold you accountable like a therapist, life coach, health coach, personal trainer, massage therapist. Having accountability keeps you on track and remind you of your goal. It also gives you support.You are not alone.