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The Energy of Shutting Up

The Energy of Shutting Up

  • Hannah Goette
  • Blog
  • Jun 17, 2019

So have you ever been in a situation and really wanted to speak up but didn’t… and it really bothered you that you said nothing? I think we’ve all been there. Have you ever wondered what that does to you energetically, mentally, emotionally?  Sometimes we stop our voice from being heard out of fear, limiting beliefs, or don’t want to be rejected for our different way of thinking. It can feel uncomfortable; we may avoid conflict, or worry about what others will think. Truth is, you are really hurting yourself.

You can actually feel worried, stressed, or anxious when you bottle up what you need to say. This stress chemistry in the body can affect your health. You also waste energy on what you should have said or all the what-ifs scenarios swirling around in your head. You might even start to build resentment towards the person you need to speak to.

Physically you can feel heavy, a tightening in the throat; maybe you avoid certain people or situations because it’s too uncomfortable. These are signs of your personal power being drained by SHUTTING UP.

So why should I even bother saying anything you might ask?

Well, besides the symptoms already mentioned, the energy of shutting up holds you back. People can't read you mind and although you think it’s easier to avoid conflict or go along with the flow- stating what you want/need/think tells the universe who you are and people know where you stand.

By you speaking your truth it gives others a voice and permission to do the same. Other people may think the same as you or have a different point of view to offer, but they are also afraid to say something. Sometimes you are the only one who can see the truth and express it in a way that, that person will receive it. They need to hear the truth and they can only hear it from you.

So here are a few pointers to help you speak up and not shut up.

  1. Get clear on what you need to say and speak your truth. Try to speak in a more factual tone and less emotional. It's ok to feel emotions around what you need to say but if you want to be heard, speak from a place of love and kindness. Be gentle. The truth isn't always easy to hear.
  1. How to have the conversation. In person is best or the primary way that you communicate. But if you need to, writing a letter or email can be helpful so you have time to think about what you need to say. If you are really nervous or uncomfortable, write down things you want to say before having the conversation in person.
  1. Try to be unattached to the outcome because you have no control over how others will respond. All you can do is stay true to yourself and control your reaction. Use this as a learning opportunity. Stay in the present moment because worrying about the future and endless outcomes drains your personal power.

It can feel like a huge mountain to climb and overwhelming to speak your truth. I understand why shutting up is so appealing. Speaking your truth is more about you then it is about them. Once we speak and say the truth that energy that’s been holding us down can be released into the universe. The heavy weight of fear will be lifted. You will come out the other side a stronger and wiser person.