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Thank You Pain

Thank You Pain

  • Hannah Goette
  • Blog
  • Jul 26, 2018

Uncomfortable, painful, irritated, frustrated, challenged, restricted. There just seems to be no flow and things are always challenging at every turn. Have you ever felt like this? Physically, mentally or emotionally? I know I have been feeling this lately, but I have to see it as a positive. My experience as a business owner has shown me that challenges will always come up, but it’s how I deal with them that is the real issue. Sometimes I have a hard time just saying what I need to say because its uncomfortable or I’m scared of what will happen next. But when I avoid the things that are hard at the moment, nothing changes and I feel worse because energetically I let someone else have all the power. Instead of accepting the challenge I run from it. I’ve found that when I avoid things out of fear, it just starts to fester in my mind and seems worse than it actually is. It takes a lot of personal energy to avoid challenges or life.

Feeling uncomfortable or feeling pain isn’t always a bad thing. Pain is a warning, shows you where there are limitations, or an imbalance that we have created in our life. Challenges will always come our way and that we can’t control but we do have power over our perspective. If we stop seeing an obstacle, discomfort, or limiting circumstances as bad and instead approach it as an opportunity then the challenge begins to feel different. We now have an opportunity to grow and learn. If we never rise to the challenge or push ourselves to go outside the comfort zone then personal growth suffers.

I see pain as a chance for me to stop, observe, and bring awareness to the challenge. How can we grow as a person if we aren’t aware that there is an imbalance in the first place? Pain, discomfort, and all the so called negative emotions are there to demand your attention. That is the first step to bringing balance back, giving your attention to the discomfort and not ignoring it. So called negative emotions, are there as a guide to keep us in check and keep our attention. This allows us to take a deeper look at where the imbalance is coming from. Physical pain can be a signal that we need to slow down, it show us our limitations, and where something just isn’t quite right. Our body is talking to us all the time, are you listening?

Are you aware of the things in your life that are imbalanced and maybe stopping you from creating the life that you want? Chances are on some level yes, we can always let go of limiting behavior. I know that at any given time I’m not aware of some of the destructive patterns in my life, but there is always a safety net, a warring to grab our attention…pain. All of the things we may see as a negative and usually want to avoid like discomfort, anger, sadness, or di-ease are neither good nor bad but just one end of the spectrum.

So the next time you feel like crying or your low back is hurting or it seems like you just can’t catch a break, just be grateful. What? Be grateful for back pain or bawling my eyes out? Yes. This is just the universe, God, your soul’s way of letting you know this area of your life needs attention. You have two options. 1. Avoid and ignore the challenge or 2. Face it, explore, reflect, and ask questions. Processing and reflecting are forms of self-love and self-care. Our physical bodies sometimes over shadow everything else because they seem to speak the loudest, but don’t forget that we need to take care of our emotional and mental bodies as well.

So my challenge to you is to write down the biggest obstacle in your way at the moment and just sit with it. Don’t judge yourself, don’t blame someone else, just reflect on why this challenge is presenting itself here and now. Use this obstacle as an opportunity for you to improve and grow. You might not have any answers right away and that’s ok. Simply bring awareness to your obstacle and the rest will come later. Let your pain be your guide and teacher. So thank you pain for giving me new awareness and insight.

-Hannah Goette Licensed Massage Therapist