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Quality Relationships Elevate Us

Quality Relationships Elevate Us

  • Hannah Goette
  • Blog
  • Apr 16, 2019

Have you taken inventory of the quality of your relationships lately? Have you noticed that some relationships drag you down more than others? In this episode of the Inner Health Project, we look at the power of quality relationships and how they elevate us.

There's a spectrum people aren't good or bad but rather who is the best option for you in this moment on your journey? Take out the judgment and look at it as an opportunity to learn.

Some questions to ask yourself about the relationships in your life.

Do they inspire you, do you inspire each other?

Do they challenge you to be a better person.

Do they uplift you?

Signs you can look for in yourself to give you more insight into the quality of your relationship:

Ask yourself how do you feel around them?

Really tune into yourself and bring in awareness when answering this question.

How to tune in: Stop, relax, and breath,

Ask your body, check in with any sensations, emotions, feelings.

Signs the quality of the relationship isn't what you need in this moment.

  1. You want to avoid them or dread talking to them
  2. You don't fully trust them
  3. You don't feel at ease, can't be yourself around them
  4. Your body isn't fully relaxed
  5. Its not fun or joyous. It doesn't flow easily

Just remember that your inner wisdom is there to guide you, the answers are there just become present so you can listen