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Love Your Anxiety

Love Your Anxiety

  • Hannah Goette
  • Blog
  • May 21, 2019

Sometimes we feel pain, shame, and stress around the challenges that we have in our lives. We even judge ourselves for it.

We need to honor the pain, stress, and anxiety because it’s there to show us something. It is there for a good reason.

There's a deeper lesson for you, this is just a doorway. You are being invited to take a deeper look at your inner health

There is something to learn through the pain

There is wisdom in your challenges, you just have to allow it to be and not fight it.

Steps you can take

1.Observation: Bring your attention to the discomfort and be in the moment with the discomfort.
How do you feel, what emotions come up, what thoughts do you have around the anxiety?

2. Relax into the discomfort, wishing for it to go away only brings on more stress
If you've ever had a massage and there is an area that feels painful what I tell my clients is to relax and breath into it. Why? Because tensing up and bracing yourself only holds onto the tension. When we breathe through the pain and relax into it the stuck places they can release more easily. The same can be said for emotional pain or energetic discomfort. Breathe deeply and relax the body into the challenge so it can surface for you.

3. Seek a different way of looking at the challenge. Change your mindset. Talk about it with someone you trust. Getting a different perspective can make a huge difference. Just having someone sit with you and be present with you during the anxiety takes away some of that power. Honor the message. Honor the lesson.

Let’s stop feeling shame and judging ourselves for having anxiety or being faced with an uncomfortable challenge. Let's not avoid the "ugly" parts in our life because that is a form of self -rejection. Love all of you even the anxiety. You are not the only one who experiences these feelings. We need to embrace each other and embrace the gift that is our anxiety.