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Inner Health Project Episode 2

Inner Health Project Episode 2

  • Hannah Goette
  • Blog
  • Jul 17, 2018

Watch episode 2 of the Inner Health Project: Dealing With Inner Conflict.

We all deal with inner conflict. Could be a job, a relationship, our money or our health, but when our thoughts become conflicted, what do we do? In this episode we explore how to move through inner conflict to restore inner health.

Here's 3 steps to remember when inner conflict shows up in your life.
1. Acknowledge the conflict
2. Observe what shows up without judgment
3. Give yourself time to process

Don't forget you’re on an amazing journey with many lessons along the way. There will be highs and lows but they are just lessons for us to learn as we go deeper into our on personal growth. Work on your inner health so vitality can manifest in your outer health.
Here’s to Inner Health,
Hannah Goette, Massage Therapist