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Inner Health Project Episode 1

Inner Health Project Episode 1

  • Hannah Goette
  • Blog
  • Jun 27, 2018

Hi. It’s Hannah Goette.

I have an idea and I want it to matter to you.

This idea came out of a problem I’ve been seeing.

We live in a world where things can get so disconnected in our health, our work, our relationships and even our sense of purpose. But the funny thing is...

It’s all connected.

And under the surface of what feels disconnected is the topic of our health. Our inner health. I believe our inner health manifests in our outer health. And over the years I’ve been learning and understanding this connection more and more. I wouldn’t say I have all the answers. But as a massage therapist, I definitely get to see how this shows up for people in their stress and their bodies.

But in all that I’ve learned, I’ve wonder “how do I take all that I see and all that’s in my head and share it out into the world?”

Then… the answer reveiled itself

I realized it’s easier to capture my thoughts in conversation and so I decided to create a “show” called “The Inner Health Project”.

My intention for the show is to have a dialogue around Inner Health, from pain to self-care to energy and how it’s all connected. We will cover topics like health, well-being, how to look inward and be guided by your inner voice, going towards the uncomfortable, observation of thoughts, being present and trusting your intuition. This is a space to ask questions about physical, emotional, and spiritual health and vitality.

And here’s where I want your input (so that it matters to you)...

 What topics around Inner Health matter to you? What should I cover? Who should I be interviewing on my show? I’d love your input so that this feels like “our” show. Just hit click Contact Us and send me a message.

So, if you would, contact us and tell me what other topics or guests you’d like to see on my show. I’ll see what I can do to make this something that not only connects our community but something that matters to you.

Enjoy episode 1, “The Inner Health Project - Origin Story”

Here’s to Inner Health,

Hannah Goette, Massage Therapist