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How to Protect Yourself From Negative Energy

How to Protect Yourself From Negative Energy

  • Hannah Goette
  • Blog
  • May 06, 2019

We are not just physical being but also energetic beings who can pick up on the vibes of other people.
Sometimes we pick up energies from people at work, from a client, family, or friends, but it isn't ours to hold on to.
Sometimes it's hard to know if it belongs to us or not. In this episode of the Inner Health Project we discuss ways to protect yourself from taking on other peoples energies.

Steps to protecting yourself:

  1. Take time to reflect and ask yourself is this really my stuff? Breathe and notice how you feel in your body. Do you feel tense, anxious, heavy, angry, exhausted, not uplifted
  2. Talk it out, right it out, and get it out of your head. Get a different perspective from someone else. Sometimes it’s good to speak out loud how you are feeling to a friend, therapist, or confidant.
  3. Take your power back. By that I mean set up boundaries, like how much time you spend with them, where or what you talk about. Send their energy back to them with love after meeting with them or when the day is over. Sometimes you might have to take them out of your life. Look at this uneasiness as an opportunity to learn from them- don't see people as good or bad just not right for you at this time.
  4. To keep your boundaries imagine there is a bubble of white light surrounding you and protecting you. It holds and keeps the boundaries that you've set.
  5. Clear your space, physically, emotionally, your mind. Imagine things becoming lighter and brighter. Cleanse your space with a prayer, mantra, burning sage, or focusing on your breath.
  6. Give yourself grace and don't judge yourself for taking on someone else's baggage or not recognizing that you need to set better boundaries.