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How to Get the most Out of Your Massage

How to Get the most Out of Your Massage

  • Hannah Goette
  • Blog
  • Nov 06, 2018

How to get the most out of your massage

1. Know what your goals are. Why do you even want to see a massage therapist in the first place? So before starting your search find out what you need and want from a massage session. Are you looking for relaxation, better mobility, decreased pain and tension, more flexibility, lymphatic drainage, or working those knots out? These goals are quite different and not every massage therapist is going to specialize in all of them.

2. Set an intention for the session and really think about why am I here. What do I want to accomplish from this session? How can I be clear with my massage therapist and direct them to where I want to go? In my practice see us working as a team so the more you are clear on what you want the easier it will be to get there together.

3. Setting up you time around the appointment. This doesn’t have to take long maybe, 10 minutes before hand. Keep a journal. Write down how you felt before the session and what you notice throughout the week about how you felt. Physically and mentally. Then write how you felt after the session. These notes are more for you then the therapist but they will help you document your own progress and your journey.

4. Be mindful after the session. Depending on what your goal was during the session you may need awhile to integrate what was worked on in the session.  Sometimes clients can feel sore, tired, out of it, very calm and relaxed, or just needing time to process. Your body and mind need time to process what just happened. Massage can open up pathways and unbind tissue to help the cells get more nutrients and clean out the waste. So taking it easy for the next day or two is helpful. Give your body some time to rest and process. Not only does your body need time but so does the emotional and mental body. This is different for everyone but if some emotions or thoughts came up for you during the session don’t ignore them. Acknowledge them and try to process them afterwards. You may need to seek out a friend or professional to talk through it. This is ok and its normal.

5. Don’t ignore your massage therapists recommendations
We can only accomplish so much in an hour. There are things clients can do at home or change a few habits throughout their day that can make a huge impact. It’s the little things that we do over and over every day that add up and can create bigger issues in our lives. Some things I recommend to my clients:  self-stretching and self-massage at home. Working on posture and setting up your workspace correctly. Using correct body mechanics when lifting, using the non-dominant arm or side to do things to balance the body out. Work on the breath- deep breathing from the diaphragm.  Take movement and stretch breaks, take mental breaks. Stay hydrated and away from processed foods. Bring awareness into your daily life, stay present and break the routine.