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Embracing Failure and Self Doubt to Learn and Grow

Embracing Failure and Self Doubt to Learn and Grow

  • Hannah Goette
  • Blog
  • Oct 01, 2018

We all want to learn and grow but we don't always like failing to do it. In this episode of the Inner Health Project we talk about how to embrace failure and self doubt in order to learn and grow.

Fear of failure and not being good enough seem to stop me and maybe other people. Some times we have expectations of how we want or think things should go, and if they go a different way we think that as a failure. So what really is failure and whats wrong with failing?
Are we letting fear of the out come and not being able to control what happens next stop you from trying a different approach or changing?
This is how I've been working through it
1. Finding a different perspective from outside yourself. Talking to a trusted friend, business coach, mentor or even watching a TED talk, read article or a book that can give a different view.
2. Get out of your head. write down all the self talk all the lies and get them out. Become aware of what you are telling yourself. See the lies and find the truth. Stop thinking so much.
3. Reflect on whats holding you back. Where did these lies come from, process, and then let them go.
4. keep trying, keep moving forward. Stop judging yourself. Find accountability from outside.
Enjoy the journey,