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Better Digestion Weight Loss and Energy from Fruit?

Better Digestion Weight Loss and Energy from Fruit?

  • Hannah Goette
  • Blog
  • Oct 16, 2018

In this episode we talk about my huge lifestyle change over the last year and a half. I changed the way I viewed food, the body, and disease. I've been consciously detoxing physically and emotionally with this new way of life. I went form vegetarian diet to raw fruits and vegetable diet, mainly fruit.

This went against everything I had ever heard, experienced, or learned about nutrition.  I was shown that disease is a man-made concept and all of man’s suffering is self-inflicted whether we know it or not. All pain and dysfunction of the body is due to obstruction of the natural processes the cell needs to go through. A named disease is just a collection of symptoms in a particular area of the body. It's not something you catch, I feel empowered now and the fear is gone because I now know that I can make myself well.

By eating the wrong foods for our species we create an acidic environment in the body. If the body can't eliminate the acids from the byproducts of cells and the food we eat then that will accumulate in the body. Acids will destroy the tissues if they can't be neutralized or eliminated and this will be felt as pain or the hindrance of the normal function of the tissues. All types of symptoms and the diseases that people are diagnosed with are the manifestation of acids destroying the body. The cells need to eat and they also need to eliminate. The waste from our cells and the byproducts from the breakdown of our foods need to be eliminated through the lymphatic system. This waste is acidic, will burn the cells, and obstruct them from getting the nutrients they need for normal function. This causes the cell to be less efficient and abnormal.

Personally I have better digestion now, more energy, no more sore throats or the taste of phlegm in my throat. By body doesn't ache after a long day of bodywork. My shoulders and arms don't go numb at night or tingle. I lost 20 pounds and the texture of my skin became smoother.

Hearing the truth and then experiencing it are 2 different things. At first it was hard for me because I had to put aside all that I've learned and just trust my intuition. I said well what I'm doing now isn't giving me the result that I want so even though this goes against all that I've been taught I'm willing to see if it'll work in practice. Because I'm done learning other peoples theory's I want to put it into practice.

Changing an everyday habit and going against society is extremely hard, that takes discipline and compassion for yourself when you stray away from your conviction. There is social pressure to be like the status quo. But at the end of the day it's my experience, it’s what I feel, and it's my body that I'm living in.

Steps to try

  1. If you would like to try this eliminate the inflammatory things out of your diet like dairy, eggs, meat, grains and just see how you feel.
  2. Increase more fresh fruit into your diet. Try eating fruit first. Eat until your full and eat when hungry. You may end up eating more frequently.
  3. Choose raw over cooked when possible but its ok to have a cooked meal every once in awhile
  4. Be patient and kind to yourself. You’ve been eating a certain way all your life and changing something this fundamental takes time.
  5. Resources: Dr. Robert Morse ND YouTube Channel and The Detox Miracle Sourcebook

Enjoy the journey,