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Back Pain to Empowerment

Back Pain to Empowerment

  • Hannah Goette
  • Massage Therapy
  • Aug 28, 2017

Have you ever felt completely defeated or perplexed at how your body was functioning or lacked the function it once had? I know how you feel. For years I struggled with low back pain and feeling like my body just couldn't get it together and function properly. Some days it felt like I was fighting my body. The frustration, emotional toll it took on me and the draining effect it had on my energy left me feeling older than I was. One of the biggest things that helped me change it around was awareness. I learned about the body and how the muscles function, how the fascia interacts as a whole and how energy moves or doesn’t move. I realized that good health and being pain free takes diligence and is an everyday process.

Working out and getting my core muscles physically stronger helped bring more balance to my body. I learned the proper way to move so I could conserve energy, and reduce the aches and muscle tension. Self-massage and stretching greatly improved my muscular pain symptoms. Listening to the subtle things my body would say connected me to the emotional and energetic part of my body. That helped bring more awareness to the forefront. Not only did I workout, stretch, properly move, do self-massage, I also received regular bodywork and chiropractic care. The chiropractic care helped align me, the bodywork helped release any muscular tension, and integrate the emotional, energetic and physical body. Together they eliminated the blockages that cause dysfunction. The education gave me the understanding and hope. I put together a team to hit the problem from many different angles and I was an active participant the entire way.

So maybe you've tried chiropractic care, working out, physical therapy, yoga, or stretching but it's not all coming together for you. Maybe bodywork and education is the missing link to a pain free life. Let me be a part of your team and help guide you to a solution for your pain or dysfunction. Today I feel great in my body and I want to share that with others. This is why I am a massage therapist. I’ve seen firsthand how transformative bodywork can be and I love to help clients feel there best not just during that session but also empower them for a lifetime.

If you want to be pain free you have to change your lifestyle. Change doesn't have to be difficult. It’s a decision you make in an instant. Let’s not be overwhelmed by the problem. Let us be inspired by the solution. By what we will gain when we welcome change and new perspectives into our lives.

I want to give you a new perspective today. You are in control of your own health. Good health just doesn’t appear, it takes hard work. Of course things happen to us beyond our control, but how you react is all in your perspective. You can still decide how you will live, how healthy your attitude can be, and what you will do for your health today. Will you be a victim or an empowered health advocate for yourself?