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Are you Afraid to get a Massage

Are you Afraid to get a Massage

  • Hannah Goette
  • Blog
  • Feb 18, 2019

In this episode we discuss some fears about why someone might choose not to get a massage but they would like to.  How do you know the difference between a healthy amount of apprehension versus total avoidance. A lot of times people can feel self-conscious because you are letting a stranger into their space. It can be scary to allow someone who you don’t know that well to see you.

Some common fears are:

Afraid you will be judged
Self-conscious about your body
Can I trust the massage therapist
You’re afraid that your body or certain parts aren’t good enough to get a massage

How I approach massage

I want to take some of the mystery away so you know exactly what you are getting into if you decide to receive a massage from me. There is the common approach to massage, probably the one you think of from movies or a spa. This would be laying on a massage table, undressed under the sheets and having oil massaged on the skin. While I do most of my massages this way, it’s not the only option. Let me clarify how a session goes.

First of all I never see you totally naked, I only undrape the part that is being massaged at the time and I will avoid any area you don’t feel comfortable being massaged.  That being said if the thought of being undressed and massaged on the skin is not relaxing for you, I can always massage over the clothes. Its just as effective.  The session doesn’t have to be a total body massage. In fact I often just spend time on neck and shoulders, or the back, or the arms. So if you would like to try massage for the first time you can always come in and we can just work on the feet or hands. I want you to be able to relax and feel comfortable, so if that means you are fully clothed and we work only on your hands then that’s what we will do.

Often times I hear clients apologizing for their toes not being perfect or not shaving their legs or feeling self-conscious for a hairy chest. I know this can come from a fear of judgment. To put your mind at ease I’m not really paying much attention to that. What I’m focusing on is finding tension in the muscles and that focus is at a deeper level then the skin or appearance. Sometimes I’m working on muscles that are 3 or 4 layers deep to other muscles so how your body looks is the furthest from my mind.  I’m looking at how your body feels or how things are in relation to each other. I see a lot of bodies and they are all unique and different, no one is normal or perfect, there’s just too much variation for that.

 Massage brings forth body awareness and has the potential to help you zone into your body. If there are parts that you are ignoring or are afraid of addressing then it can be a very vulnerable experience. So I totally understand the apprehension. I think massage is an opportunity to help you through this process of self-awareness if you would like to lean into the sometimes uncomfortable things that come up. But it can also be a very beautiful experience gaining more confidence and insight into yourself.  

You are more than your physical body. There’s an emotional and energetic body as well but they are all connected and with massage we are touching all three. Your essence is greater than your body, you are not just your body but it’s like a car you are using for a while. So take care of your body and take time for yourself to tune into all of the beautiful parts of you. Embrace yourself, own it, and be kind to your beautiful body.

-Hannah Goette