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5 Things You Can do to Move the Lymph

5 Things You Can do to Move the Lymph

  • Hannah Goette
  • Blog
  • Dec 31, 2018

In this episode we talk about the 5 things you can do to get your lymph to move.

  1. Avoid acid forming food or inflammatory forming foods like meat, dairy, processed foods, gluten and grains. Eat more fruits and raw veggies to help move your lymph system
  2. Make yourself sweat: take a sauna or try light cardio movement that makes you sweat. Toxins come out and detox out through the skin. Sweating is good for you
  3. Light exercise like yoga and walking, moves lymph via muscular movement because the lymph vessels primarily move the lymph fluid through muscular movement of the skeletal muscles. Unlike the cardiovascular system that has a heart to pump the blood through the system, the lymphatic system uses movement of the body to push the fluid through the system.
  4. Alternate between hot and cold in the area that feels congested, painful, and possibly swollen.
  5. Get a massage: Anytime the tissues are able to move free of obstruction then things can flow as they should again. If you have any areas of your body that feel really stiff, painful or are very firm this area is congested and massage can help move that congestion. If you have any trigger points, which are areas of the muscle at cellular level that are stuck in a contracted state because they can't get enough energy to move, then this area needs to be loosened up so the waste or lymph can flow out and the nutrients from the blood can get to all the cells in the area. But if the body is unable to get the waste out of the body then the congestion will go back to those same weak or congested areas. That's why what you eat has such a huge effect on your body’s lymphatic system over any other therapy.