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Working With Hannah

Working With Hannah

First I would like to thank you for taking an active stance in your own health. Only you have the power and control to make yourself well. That’s not something we hear every day is it? No one can cure or heal the body only your body can heal itself if given the correct tools and guidance. You are your number one health advocate. I am just a guide who can support you and help you on this journey. This wellness journey is a lifelong pursuit and a lifestyle.

So when you work with me, it isn’t just about the bodywork or massage, it’s also about personalization, education, and empowerment. Your treatment plan will be customized to your needs and goals. This means the frequency, session length, what areas we focus on, and even your education is tailored to you. There isn’t a one size fits all approach here. So how long it takes to become pain free is different for everyone. What I’m more focused on is progress and educating you along the way.

I’m a big believer in education and giving you tools that will help you for a lifetime. Not only do I teach self-care tips, self-massage and proper body movement, I also teach the reason behind it. Why does this muscle cause this imbalance, or how do these muscles work together, are just some of the questions that are covered. When you have a better understanding and awareness of how things work you will be able to understand and figure out what is the root cause of you symptoms.

I see us working more as partners so the more you know, the more you can direct me to the underlying cause. Things progress and move so much faster when we work together. When you actively participate in your recovery amazing things can take place. Don’t worry about the details of a treatment plan we can create that together based on your assessment. All you need to do is schedule your first free 30 minute session to start the journey to wellness.  

Thank you for taking the first step on your path to a healthy lifestyle,


Hannah Goette


What I love about my job is finding the root cause of your discomfort. Sometimes that can be a challenging thing because where it hurts isn’t always the source of pain. But it makes total sense because everything is connected within the body and also without. I find solutions for my clients and no two solutions are ever the same because everyone is unique. I don’t just provide a massage that is just one stop along your path back to balance and wellness. This is a lifelong journey into health. One of the cornerstones of my philosophy is education. I educate myself to seek out the truth, provide a better service to clients, and share valuable information with the community. I want my clients to walk away with tools that will serve them for a lifetime. Because after all this can connect you to an elevated healthy life.

Hannah Goette graduated from CenterPoint Massage and Shiatsu School & Clinic in 2015 located in St. Louis Park, MN. She specializes in Trigger Point Therapy, Rehab Massage, and Thai Yoga massage. Shoulders are her specialty. She has developed a unique approach to finding the root cause of frozen shoulder, impingement syndrome, bursitis, and rotator cuff issues. Her technique helps clients regain range of motion, strength,flexibility and eliminate shoulder pain.

Hannah Goette